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Imad Waulat
On 3/6/18, 5:09 AM

Yow Andi , I have same problem with you, did u get any solution for that?

Carlos Salcedo
On 7/5/18, 11:12 PM

I have the same problem, someone get any solution for landed cost with average costing?

In Mexico we need that.....almost all the prodcucts come from USA and the average cost is the most used.

Hanaa Khalil
On 9/12/18, 10:11 AM

I added landed cost for one picking but how to pay the amount of landed cost

On 4/6/18, 3:22 PM


I am also having the same issue where the landed cost only calculate for FIFO method in V11.

If any one got solution please let me also know.

Pinakin Nayi (pna)
On 3/5/18, 5:38 AM

I think given doc link not updated. Now in V̶1̶1̶ Saas-17 it is possible to use AVCO to compute landed cost.

(AVCO OR FIFO + Automated)

I tried it in Odoo 11 and I got the below error :

The selected picking does not contain any move that would be impacted by landed costs. Landed costs are only possible for products configured in real time valuation with real price costing method. Please make sure it is the case, or you selected the correct picking.

I have read the below Odoo 11 documentation:


Waleed Mohsen
on 3/6/18, 1:37 PM

My bad.. It is fixed in saas-17. I thought that was done in v11.

So now on saas-17 you can allocate landed cost on both FIFO or AVCO

Pinakin Nayi (pna)
on 3/7/18, 12:41 AM

Thanks Nayi, Could you please let me know who can I follow up the new features in Odoo?

Waleed Mohsen
on 3/7/18, 4:25 AM
Waleed Mohsen
On 2/26/18, 5:29 AM


You cannot set landed cost  with costing method Average Cost.

The real price means FIFO.

The below notes from odoo documentation:


Landed costs are only possible for products configured in real time valuation with real price costing method. The costing method is configured on the product category.

Andi Akbarry Renaldy
On 2/26/18, 2:48 AM

thanks Jainesh

thanks, but this link can not be opened

is it possible to set the landed cost with costing method Average Cost (AVCO)?

Aktiv software
On 2/26/18, 1:56 AM


you can refer below given link for complete landed cost configuration but it is in v9.


Yes, Real price always consider FIFO


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