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I have created a Helpdesk team and tickets in Odoo. Whenever someone sends an email to my helpdesk mail alias, a ticket is created in Odoo (for example, Customer A sends an email and a ticket is created).

When I respond to "Customer A" by clicking the "SEND MESSAGE" button, the email is sent, and Customer A receives it. However, the email appears to be sent from "" instead of my email address.

This is not the expected behavior. 

Requirement : Since I am sending the email to Customer A from my login, the "From" address should display as ""

Can you help me resolve this issue?

I already studied the Odoo documentation SEND MAILS and RECEIVE MAILS

I need a help on how to make the business requirement work

Best Answer

It really depends on how your email servers are set up.

Are you using Odoo mailing servers or have your own?
If your own, that is the mailing server and what's the set up on its side and Odoo's side?

It is hard to cover all that without access to the instance, but having these details will definitely help to point you in the right direction


@Jakub smolka Sir,
We are using Odoo Mailing server.
Thank you