Odoo 10 Payroll Wrong Number of Days in Leaves when Working Hours is set to more than 8 hours.

Albert Diaz

When you create working hours that is more than 8 hours a day, lets say 9 hours (08:00 to 17:00) and approve a Leave for an employee of 1 day;  when you create the payslip of that employee, the number of days is 1.13 and not 1.00. 

1.13 is 9 hours / 8.0

I found a code in  dividing worked hours by 8.0 so i change it to this :

leaves = [value for key, value in leaves.items()]
            for data in [attendances] + leaves:
                data['number_of_days'] = uom_hour._compute_quantity(data['number_of_hours'], uom_day)\
                    if uom_day and uom_hour\
                    else data['number_of_hours'] / 9.0
        return res

But nothing happens.  Am i missing something here?