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i'm new in odoo

and new in free pbx

I nede use free pbx in odoo

odoo Require to use ws

its seme my ws not runng

I don't know how to enable ws in freepbx

I sfw and rtfm

But I didn't find anything

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I gotchu! this is a quick tutorial to set it up! 

What it does: The Odoo VoIP softphone seamlessly integrates with Odoo CRM, allowing users to make and receive calls directly from the Odoo interface. Odoo recommends configuring your VoIP with AxiVox.

If you prefer not to use AxiVox due to high costs or poor configurability, you can link Odoo with Asterisk. FreePBX is a relatively easy-to-learn GUI for Asterisk, allowing you to build and manage your own phone systems. For setting up FreePBX, I recommend these tutorials:

CrossTalk Solutions - FreePBX 101 - Complete setup series - Youtube (cant place link due to lack in karma

To link the Odoo Softphone to FreePBX, you must first successfully set up an extension, inbound and outbound routes, and a trunk. You must also whitelist the IP address of your desktop or network and the IP address of your Odoo server in the firewall. It also requires adjusting an 'Advanced Setting' in the GUI. For setting up FreePBX, I recommend these tutorials:

How to link:

FreePBX Settings:

  1. Go to your FreePBX Admin GUI.
  2. Go to Settings -> Advanced Settings.
  3. Find the setting SIP Channel Driver and change it from 'both' to 'chan_pjsip'.
  4. Odoo VoIP tries to make a 'chan_sip' connection by default. This is no longer used and can be disabled with this setting. If this is no longer possible, Odoo will make a pjsip connection, which is desired.
  5. Click 'Submit' and 'Apply config'.
  6. Don’t forget to whitelist the IP addresses.

Install the Odoo VoIP module:

  1. Go to your Odoo database main menu and navigate to Apps.
  2. Search for the VoIP module and install it.

Configure the VoIP server settings:

  1. Go to Settings > VoIP.
  2. Add your FreePBX server settings:
    • PBX Server IP: (The IP of your FreePBX server)
    • WebSocket: wss:// (replace with the FQDN of your FreePBX server)
    • VoIP Environment: Production

Configure the VoIP User settings:

  1. Go to Settings > Users & Companies -> Users and select the appropriate User.
  2. Go to Preferences -> VoIP.
  3. Add your FreePBX User settings:
    • VoIP Username: The extension number found in the extension you want to link in FreePBX.
    • VoIP Secret: The secret found in the extension you want to link in FreePBX.

Use the Odoo softphone:

  1. Go to the CRM module and open a contact or lead.
  2. Click on the phone icon next to the phone number to make a call via the integrated softphone.

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