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I have: Warehouse A at Address A Warehouse B at Address B

When I purchase products, delivery from supplier is to destination A as default, but can change to destination B (Warehouse B) if I want. When I delivery the products to the customer, it could be products from Warehouse A and Warehouse B. So I just want to set delivery, and openERP should delivery automatic all products from warehouse A and also warehouse B. I have to get 2 delivery slips.

How can I do this? How I have to setup the warehouses?

Thank you!

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Products are physically stored in locations (e.g Stock) inside warehouses .

In the actual workflow of sale (in OpenERP):

Sales operations are performed from Shops, and those shops are linked each one to one Warehouse of the Company.

When creating a Sale order you have to choose to which "Shop" the operation is related, and after confirmation of SO the delivery order is then (automatically) generated and products are delivered from the location of the warehouse where they are stored.

It means that the delivery order is not directly linked to a Warehouse or another, but it's linked to a shop which in turn is linked to a warehouse.

Hope this can help.


Hello! Thank you. When I set up a location, I have to choose: Location Input, stock and Output. I set at each the same new location. Is this OK?

No, this is for WAREHOUSE. For each Warehouse there is at least 3 locations (Input - Stock - Output), you can have more locations, but those 3 locations are commonly used for a stock management, you can also have only 2 (Stock and Output) because it's commonly admited that it is sufficient for stock management (cause input location is considered as a temporary location before moving products to Stock location), so you can set the same location for INPUT and STOCK but not for OUTPUT.

Don't forget that all the above structure (Warehouse ----> locations -----> child Location .... , are there just for an organizational goal, if you want to have a well organized warehouse, with a good visibility and tracability for products in your warehouse...(Where can i found product X, where is product Y, from where can i move product Z to Customer location ...)

So the simple way, is to have at least 3 different locations: Input location, Stock location, and Output location.


Ok, I See. OpenERP is really powerfull. Guess I copy my actual database and testing and testing. You help me a lot. Thanks!

Keep on, and good luck. Thanks to and to the community.

So if I have Product A stored in Warehouse A and Product B store in Warehouse B, if I create a sales order with both products, you're saying it's impossible to deliver these items to the customer? Because no matter what shop I use it will always have one of these products out of stock? More and more OpenERP seems like a mom and pop solution instead of the multinational global solution they like to promote. Many large companies like ours have multiple factories, warehouses, etc. We don't have just a little store at the mall and that's what "Odoo" is good for.