Message to follow of sales team on new lead creation

Brendan Erofeev

Hi Folks,

I have come across what I think is a bug, but I am not sure if I am doing something wrong.  Using Odoo v8.

I have a sales team setup,  and have setup a user as a follower of all actions on the team (Discussions, Lead Created, Opportunity Stage Changed, Opportunity Won, Opportunity Lost, Quotation Send, Sales Order Confirmed).

When I create a new lead on the sales team, the follower does not get notified. They are setup as a follower of the lead though, and get a message when a message is sent on the lead, or the lead stage is changed.

I assumed that if the user is following "Lead Created" on the team, the user would get a message in their inbox when the new lead is created.  Is my logic flawed, or is there another place I have to set this up?

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Francesco Faleschini

I have the same problem! Unfortunately i am not able to find a soluion anywhere.