Make scheduled date empty

I want to make scheduled date empty in transfer. 
what all ways are there in in odoo v16 to make scheduled date false. 

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Lars Aam

But why? When you set that field empty, all Material Requirement Planning will fail. All checks for availability and reservation of stock will no longer work. I just wonder, what is you business process, that you want to disable all material planning?

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Alan Scott
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In Odoo V16, to make the scheduled date empty in a transfer, you can use the following methods:

  1. Manually update the scheduled date: Go to Inventory > Operations > Transfers, open the specific transfer record you want to edit, and set the “Scheduled Date” field to empty or false.

  2. Customize using automated actions: You can create an automated action in Odoo that triggers when a certain condition is met or a specific action occurs. To create an automated action, go to Settings > Technical > Automated Actions, and configure your new action with appropriate triggering conditions and Python code that sets the scheduled_date field to False.

    record.scheduled_date = False
  3. Developing a custom module: Create a custom module that inherits from stock.picking model and overrides the relevant method (e.g., action_confirm, button_validate) responsible for creating or confirming transfers. In this override method, add logic to set the scheduled_date field to False.

    from odoo import models
    class StockPicking(models.Model):
        _inherit = "stock.picking"
        def action_confirm(self):
            res = super(StockPicking, self).action_confirm()
            for picking in self:
                if picking.condition_to_unset_scheduled_date:
                    picking.scheduled_date = False
            return res

    Don’t forget to replace condition_to_unset_scheduled_date with your desired condition.

  4. Update via API (e.g., XML-RPC):

    import xmlrpc.client
    url = ''
    db = 'your_db_name'
    username = 'your_username'
    password = 'your_password'
    common_proxy = xmlrpc.client.ServerProxy(f'{url}/xmlrpc/2/common')
    object_proxy = xmlrpc.client.ServerProxy(f'{url}/xmlrpc/2/object')
    uid = common_proxy.authenticate(db, username, password, {})
    picking_id = 1 # Replace with the ID of the transfer you want to update
        [[picking_id], {"scheduled_date": False}]

Remember to test any customization on a staging or development environment before applying it to your production environment.

By using one of these methods, you can effectively set the scheduled date in a transfer record to empty (False) in Odoo V16