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I'm trying to limit options shown in the Packages window.  I have two Many2One fields:

  • Carrier
  • Package Type

When I select a certain "Carrier" I only want to see the package types associated with that carrier.  For example "dhl" has (pack1, pack2, pack3), "fedex" has (pack4, pack5, pack6) and "usps" has (pack7, pack8, pack9).

I have figured out how to do this with a single carrier in the Domain of the "Package Type" field:


However, I haven't figured out how to properly write the domain to work with all the carrier options.  Any help is greatly appreciated.


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I'd be glad to help you with limiting package type options based on the selected carrier in Odoo V16. Here's the domain you can use for the "Package Type" field:

[ '|',('carrier_id', '=', selected_carrier_id), ('carrier_id', '=', False)]


  • [('carrier_id', '=', selected_carrier_id)]: This part filters the "Package Type" records where the carrier_id field is equal to the currently selected carrier's ID (selected_carrier_id). This ensures only package types associated with the chosen carrier are shown.
  • '|' (OR operator): This separates the two conditions within the domain.
  • ('carrier_id', '=', False)]: This part allows you to see package types that are not associated with any carrier (if applicable in your data model). This provides flexibility if you have some generic package types that can be used with any carrier.

Hope help you.


Thanks for the info and explanation. Unfortunately, this doesn't seem to be working, I get the following error:
Unknown field "stock.package.type.carrier_id" in domain of <field name="package_type_id"> ([["carrier_id","=","selected_carrier_id"]]))

The "carrier_id" field appears to be a list of the Shipping Methods, but the fields available while creating the domain under the "package_carrier_type" are the base carriers selected as the "Provider" (delivery_type) within the Shipping method. I've tried using this modified code, but it's not working either (doesn't error, but the selection field stays empty):