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I'm trying to inherit a report template and hide a div element with a date. I achieved it using a t-if attribute but if I try to use invisible attribute is not working. Any idea why is this happening?

xpath expr="//div[@name='div_sched_date']" position="attributes">
attribute name="invisible">o.state == 'waiting' /attribute> NOT WORKING
   attribute name="attrs"> {'invisible': [['o.state','==','En Espera']]} /attribute> NOT WORKING
​attribute name="t-if">o.state in ('confirmed', 'shipped', 'done') /attribute> WORKING

Thanks a lot.

Best Answer

Hello this is not like xml view for model, it is a report template (qweb) so the you can not use "invisible" or "attrs". If you want to invisible an element base on a codition, use t-if is the correct way


Great, thanks for the explanation!