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we were running our odoo17 hosted on docker using docker compose on domain and respectively.

We now added another website and another domain to odoo (it's like this:

We setup odoo to handle the multiple websites in the settings.

I changed the web.base.url to and I set web.base.url.Freeze to true

But still, when we send a offer (sale.order) via email, the link to the offer still uses the old domain (and therefore odoo will respond with the old website as well).

what do I need to change for odoo to use the new domain for the email links?

to clarify, this is what I am talking about: 

tldr; the button in the image should use our new domain but it still uses the old domain that we used to use to access odoo (we still want to have that domain as a backup but not use it for the email anymore) eventhough we changed web.base.url and web.base.url.Freeze

can you come up with a good question title?

I want to post this on the odoo forum

the question should be concise and ask the most important question