How to import products with variants and attribute prices

How to import products with variants and attribute prices
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1. Create/Import Attributes and Values

2. Import Product Templates with Attributes and Values. This will create product variants. (Do not create variants directly).

3. Export your product variants

4. Fill out the internal reference, barcode, cost, and shipping weight fields on the exported variants csv

5. Import to update the existing variants

6. To import variant prices for more than one product template at one time, you will need to create a new menu item for product.template.attribute.value.

7. Once you have created the menu item, export all product.template.attribute.value records

8. Fill in the price extras and update the existing records via import. Take care not to create any new records.

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Keert Net

As explained in the first step, I exported the attributes and values and imported them into a new DB.

However the second step, I do not know which fields I should export, to be able to import in the new DB

Which Fields do I need to export in order to import into a new DB?