How to edit Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Account formats in openERP 7.0

I run openERP 7.0 on debian. I have conveniently configured the chart of account to suit a guest house the way I want it. I realized though that in the Balance Sheet reports generated by openERP, I get a format that looks something like this:

Name Balance Liability -35837.78 GH¢ Profit (Loss) to report -34283.18 GH¢

Assets 35837.78 GH¢

This is not very desirable as I require a reporting style thus:

Fixed Assets xxx Current Assets xxx Less Current Liabilities xxx Net Current Assets xxx

Capital Account Stated Capital xxx

I have done some research and found that publicus wrote a module that is quite similar to what I need but that's for version 6 or 6.1 (not sure) and I have not found anything yet on openERP v.7. Does any one know if it is possible in v7 to edit the reporting style to suit different needs and how?

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Have you had a look in Accounting > Configuration > Financial Reports > Account Reports. Have a look through what is there to see how the existing ones link to the current balance sheet. Then you should be able to create your own custom types to match the format you want, such as a 'Custom Balance Sheet' as the parent, (type 'View'). 'Fixed Assets', 'Current Assets' etc can then be it's children with the type of 'Account Type' and the relevant Account Types selected in the list at the bottom of the screen. This will require you to have setup your own 'Account Types', such as Fixed Assets etc, and linked these to the accounts in your chart of account.

You can then print your customised report from Accounting > Reporting > Financial Report, by selecting the 'Custom Balance Sheet' from the list next to 'Account Reports'.

It may take some playing to get it right, but hopefully this helps :)


Hi, Dawn. Your answer touches the topic I'm looking for. I'm trying to setup a new General Ledger according to our Country laws, but I can't get it to show me the custom report that I've created using the steps you posted earlier. Can I be missing something out?? Just for the record, I went through the accounting module, configuration, financial reports and account reports. Then I created a parent, added the children with the proper accounts setup.

Atul Kumar jain

i want to total profit and loss amount at the bottom of report page how will i get total amount any solution for this or not