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When Planning the Manufacturing Orders in a daily basis, how to make sure the maximum capacity is respected?

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As Odoo doesn't work with Finite Capacity Planning, this is an option to deal with the production planning to make sure the maximum capacity per day will be respected:


- The company has work shifts of 8h per day

- To produce a given finished product, there is only 1 operation that takes 1h.

- Therefore, the maximum capacity per day is 8 products.

In the database:

1. Define the Work Center with "Capacity" = 1 and link it with a calendar with 8h per day

2.In the BOM, define the Duration of 60:00 minutes for the operation 


1. We have:

  • 1 Manufacturing Order of 8 units (the full capacity of 1 day) scheduled to be done on May 17th.
  • Another Manufacturing Order of 1 unit also scheduled to be done on May 17th

2. From the List View, grouping by Scheduled Date per Day, we select both that are planned on May 17th and click on "Plan" to start allocating our Work Center "Assembly Line 1"

3. At this moment, Odoo will allocate the work center all day long to produce the 8 units of MO/00001, and the second MO will be automatically rescheduled for the next day, May 18th, due to the fact that Assembly Line 1 is fully booked on May 17th

4. Finally, the planning per work center shows the capacity of May 17th completely booked, and the 1st hour of May 18th also allocated. In this case, any new MO created and scheduled to be done on May 17th will automatically be planned to be done in the future.


If you end up with an even larger capacity (let's say 30) you can also further the actions it takes to one minute, and create a schedule where the workday of this workstation only consists of 30 minutes.
In a use case I am using workcenters as a stand-in for employees to automatically create a production schedule that assigns MO's to a "workstation", so to an employee. When the first employee is already scheduled on their maximum MO's that day the MO is automatically assigned to the next available workstation instead.

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With Odoo how we can manage our production capacity in order to give correct delivery date to our customer 


I have 1 work center capable to produce 1 unit per day .

I get one customer how asked me to buy 1 unit , MO is created and scheduled to be delivered tomorrow (Good Ok)

In the same day an other customer how asked me for 2 units.

Odoo create the second MO and show to me that he will be produced after 3 days 

But he will be delivered tomorrow also !! (which is worrong as  the MO he will be finished only after 3 days ) 

What is best configuration or modules that allow me to correctly calculate the correct delivery  date  based on my production capacity ?

I want to get this information on my sale orders before planning the prodcution as my customer want this information and also it's not visible to my sales person , he don't have access the the manufacturing module and he don't know the right production date ? 

How Odoo manage this kind of cases ?