How to configure and get green on Runbot?

I have a problem to get Green on Runbot.

I configure Runbot using this tutorial in a server with Ubuntu 14.04, 32 GB on RAM, 2 TB of Hard Drive and Processor Intel Xeon E3 1245v2 3.4 GHz+ 4c/8t, I also tune Postgres and Configure Nginx to work with workers.

When I added my repos (I'm trying to test a small module with only a simple report in QWeb) Runbot start to make test but I always get Yellow (Warning). The only Warnings that are shown in the log are the ones related to languages "Unable to get information for locale fr_FR. Information from the default locale (en_GB) have been used."

The question is, I need to make a test or something special in my module to make it Green in Runbot? or what I'm doing wrong?


Hi Jesús, the tutorial you're referring to is the one that I've written. The yellow status that you're talking about is only happenning for your custom module or is it also for the ones from

Hi Yenthe, the yellow status is in a custom module, but I tested with and I get yellow and some with red. I checked in and in github the pull request number and the ones that I checked are in green there and some are already merged in odoo/odoo. I think it can be a dependence or something that I miss to configure.

Best Answer

Odoo native has a test with locale "fr_FR"

You will need configurate your server with this one.

You can search in this PR the install script:

Explicitly here: