How does Odoo determine the reorder quantity based on a rule and multiple orders of procurement (OP)?

Marcio Valenzuela

I have 2 products in Odoo. One is a very recent product, it has the following characteristics:

OnHand: 71

Incoming: 0

Available: 61 (10 presumably in SO confirmed)

Minimum Reorder Point: 80

OP Procurements: 1

Quantity Reordered by Odoo in OP: 9

This makes sense but for many other products I have a different situation such as:

OnHand: 0

Incoming: 35

Available: 35

Minimum Reorder Point: 254

OP Procurements: 19 (1 to Supplier A, 1 to Supplier B, 17 to Supplier C: All spread out from Aug 2015 until Nov 2015)

Quantity Reordered by Odoo in OP: 224 in all 19 orders (35 in PO Supplier A, 1 to Supplier B and 188 to Supplier C)

My issue is, my mrp engine is set to run everyday at midnight. Procurements are not generated daily, replacing some old value. How does odoo generate these requriements? And how should I interpret what odoo is suggesting?