How can I track packing material used per outgoing shipment.

Hi all,

I'm new to odoo and trying to determine if it will do what I want it to do before I spend all the time implementing it.

I want to use odoo to handle my accounting, orders and especially inventory.

My use case is:

1 company with a few woocommerce webshops.
Some stock is general to the company such as packing material (boxes, tape, filling materials, ...)

Other stock is specific to each webshop. I figure I can do that with using different virtual warehouses?

Now I also want to keep track of the packing material used for each order so I keep track of the inventory and keep track of the cost per order so I can later evaluate which orders/products I have enough margin and which are costing me.
If I just keep general stock I can't get this detailed info.

These products being used for packaging aren't supposed to show up on invoices to clients but I want a cost/revenue/margin for each order.
At first I though about handling this through manufacturing and a BoM but this would be to time consuming to set up for each product and since different combinations of products may result in other shipping boxes, filling material, different colors of ribbons for gift packaging, etc.. there would be too many possible combinations.
What I would like is when the order goes from Picking to packing the operator can add the different packing materials he used to the order, giving me an overview of all the products used and the cost and keeping track of my packing material inventory.

Has anyone got experience with a similar situation or how do other companies keep track of their packing materials used so they know when to order new ones?
Is it possible with out of the box odoo (community) modules or am I looking at a custom job?
I've searched for how Odoo is supposed to handle this but I can't find anything clear on this.

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No I haven't.

Not the way I intended at least.

As a test I entered a few packaging products and set the selling price to 0 and add them to be sellable with POS. 
You can then enter your used packaging through POS and the stocks decrease but there are no sale orders of invoices created. Still can't track the used materials to a specific order later though. 
Maybe a custom field in the POS screen where I can enter a reference number...

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I see. What kind of operation are you using Odoo for?

In my case i don't need a POS since the order is triggering the "Pick --> Pack --> Ship" process and the choice of packing material should be entered during the packing operation and attached to the sales order indeed so it follows the entire route with the products that will be shipped.

The current packing functionality in odoo is not covering this aspect i guess.

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I am struggling with the same issue. Have you already found a way to do this?