How can I get all my users sending emails (quotations, invoices) to customers from their individual email accounts within Odoo

Shahjahan Pramanik

Currently I have had to configure my incoming and outgoing email account in Odoo to my own email account. This means that when one of my sales people send an quotation or invoice within Odoo it always appears as sent from my email address, How do I change this that it will come fro their email address as set up in their user profile?

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Ermin Trevisan
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You can check these links:

There are many discussions on these issues across the web. After total confusion I ended up setting it close to Odoo's standard.

1. Set up a catchall email address on a mailbox of your mail provider

2. Set up email aliases in Odoo for your users, these are used as from addresses

3. Set up the real email addresses of your users in the contact form

I still do not understand the whole concept thoroughly, but at least it works that way.