Google Analytics with Odoo Website V14

Hi people !!
Im tryng setting Odoo with Google Analytics API. The connection is good, but i cant view the dashboard in Odoo.
I authorize Odoo to acces Google API with the manual... But when i visit dashboard in Odoo i can't connect...

Message say "you don't have access to this analytical account"

Any idea?

Ray Carnes (ray)
Best Answer

An "Analytic Account" is used to book costs (Bills, Employee Expenses, Timesheets) and/or revenues from Invoices to analyze costs or margins. 

It has nothing to do with Google Analytics.

You can read about them at

You can check if you have permission to access them by reviewing Access Rights at and can review all Access Rights for every document type at once via the "Access Rights" Menu in Developer Mode.

An "Analytics Account" is what is needed on the Google Site to support Google Analytics in Odoo.

You may want to verify you can still access the account on the Google side - see

If you still have problems after trying the relevant suggestion for you, please contact Odoo at Support to open a Ticket.