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Fedex Integration (2020) V12 - Belgium & International - How to implement

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  1. Test environment

You can easily create test environments with the following credentials:

FEDEX international (destination country which is different than sending country):

Developer KEY: 6ql1wFpILGJY7adU

Password: BD6OL3EkvizkiAMaBBEwx8CNH

Account Number: 510087500

Meter Number: 100418501

(please recheck the printscreen below for the credentials)

Configuration is different depending on the destination of the package. 


If you are sending a package internationally, you should use Fedex service type being International_priority or International_Economy. Otherwise, you’ll get an error of “service not available”


For Belgium (or locally), the Fedex Service Type should not be “international_XXX”

You should pay attention to the following:

  • Weight on products or packages

  • Zip from company (sender)

  • Default Package type > important to set up the right packaging in order to get the correct price. If the client uses its own package, you can use FEDEX_YOUR_PACKAGING and type the proper dimensions.

  • If your product weight is higher than the maximum allowed weight of the packaging, you’ll get an error too.

Print Screens for credentials in a test environment:

(note that for test environments, credentials for International and for local are different… In a production environment, you’ll get a unique set of credentials.)


Once you are ready and you have no more errors to compute the rates, you should ask for the production credentials. You can do it by yourself if you create an account (you will have to encode your VISA) or with the account of your client (recommended !) :

  1. Go on

  2. Change country to Belgium

  3. Create an account:

  1. I’m opening a personal account

  1. Go back on

  2. FedEx Web SERVICES > Move to Production

  1. Get production KEY

  2. Choose following options:

  1. At the end of the process, you’ll get the production key. This key is to encode in both International and local Fedex delivery type.


These test credentials you show here do not seem to work? Post looks older than 12 months, can it be the key expired at fedex?

i can't make it work even if i drop all information according to documentation

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I put all information in - but did't work. 1000-authendication error