ERROR odoo14 werkzeug: Error on request

I'm getting this error at while trying to login to my webpage:

  File "/Users/alzarough/odoo/odoo/addons/base/models/", line 237, in _dispatch

    result = request.dispatch()

  File "/Users/alzarough/odoo/odoo/", line 806, in dispatch

    r = self._call_function(**self.params)

  File "/Users/alzarough/odoo/odoo/", line 359, in _call_function

    return checked_call(self.db, *args, **kwargs)

  File "/Users/alzarough/odoo/odoo/service/", line 94, in wrapper

    return f(dbname, *args, **kwargs)

  File "/Users/alzarough/odoo/odoo/", line 350, in checked_call


  File "/Users/alzarough/odoo/odoo/", line 1242, in flatten


  File "/Users/alzarough/odoo/odoo/", line 1235, in render

    return env["ir.ui.view"]._render_template(self.template, self.qcontext)

  File "/Users/alzarough/odoo/odoo/addons/base/models/", line 1709, in _render_template

    return self.browse(self.get_view_id(template))._render(values, engine)

  File "/Users/alzarough/odoo/odoo/addons/base/models/", line 1604, in get_view_id

    return view and or self.env[''].xmlid_to_res_id(template, raise_if_not_found=True)

  File "/Users/alzarough/odoo/odoo/addons/base/models/", line 1894, in xmlid_to_res_id

    return self.xmlid_to_res_model_res_id(xmlid, raise_if_not_found)[1]

  File "/Users/alzarough/odoo/odoo/addons/base/models/", line 1885, in xmlid_to_res_model_res_id

    return self.xmlid_lookup(xmlid)[1:3]

  File "<decorator-gen-35>", line 2, in xmlid_lookup


  File "/Users/alzarough/odoo/odoo/tools/", line 90, in lookup

    value = d[key] = self.method(*args, **kwargs)

  File "/Users/alzarough/odoo/odoo/addons/base/models/", line 1878, in xmlid_lookup

    raise ValueError('External ID not found in the system: %s' % xmlid)


The above exception was the direct cause of the following exception:

Traceback (most recent call last):

  File "/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/3.7/lib/python3.7/site-packages/werkzeug/", line 306, in run_wsgi


  File "/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/3.7/lib/python3.7/site-packages/werkzeug/", line 294, in execute

    application_iter = app(environ, start_response)

  File "/Users/alzarough/odoo/odoo/service/", line 440, in app

    return, s)

  File "/Users/alzarough/odoo/odoo/service/", line 124, in application

    return application_unproxied(environ, start_response)

  File "/Users/alzarough/odoo/odoo/service/", line 99, in application_unproxied

    result = odoo.http.root(environ, start_response)

  File "/Users/alzarough/odoo/odoo/", line 1295, in __call__

    return self.dispatch(environ, start_response)

  File "/Users/alzarough/odoo/odoo/", line 1263, in __call__

    return, start_wrapped)

  File "/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/3.7/lib/python3.7/site-packages/werkzeug/middleware/", line 220, in __call__

    return, start_response)

  File "/Users/alzarough/odoo/odoo/", line 1468, in dispatch

    result = ir_http._dispatch()

  File "/Users/alzarough/odoo/odoo/addons/base/models/", line 241, in _dispatch

    return cls._handle_exception(e)

  File "/Users/alzarough/odoo/odoo/addons/base/models/", line 209, in _handle_exception

    return request._handle_exception(exception)

  File "/Users/alzarough/odoo/odoo/", line 744, in _handle_exception

    return super(HttpRequest, self)._handle_exception(exception)

  File "/Users/alzarough/odoo/odoo/", line 315, in _handle_exception

    raise exception.with_traceback(None) from new_cause

ValueError: External ID not found in the system: web.login - - -

1 Answer

You are not mentioning if you have a custom modules or if you do some changed to the web login page.

The error state that the web.login not exists in the system. 

External ID not found in the system: web.login

What you can do is:

Stop Odoo service and then update the web module:

$ cd /Users/alzarough/odoo
$ python3 odoo-bin  --stop-after-init -u web -d [YOUR DB NAME]