Different stages for Subtasks? (V11-SH)

Peat Biby

V 11 (SH)
We have projects where different services are offered. These services have different stages for their work to be performed. So we cannot assign a simple project template to cover all of the services in one project. We would like to be able to create sub-tasks that have their own stages, and when they are all completed, the parent task can move forward into the parent level "completed" stage.

Example of different project stages: 

Parent stages: initiated, in progress, review, invoice, complete

Work type 1: initiated, in progress, review, invoice, complete

Work type 2:    initiated , in progress, report writing, QC review, Engineer review, invoice, complete

Work type 3:   initiated, get PO for a subcontractor, assign to sub, review, invoice, complete

--These three types are examples of the different stages we have in Odoo. Currently, we just use different projects to manage the different services, but this is cumbersome and complicated for the PM.

Thoughts? Suggestions?



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Jack Dane

This is just an idea I am throwing out there and I am not sure about the compatibility with V11.

Could you have a Many2One (workstation) on the Task which represents the Work Type eg: Work Type 1, Work Type 2 and Work Type 3.

Then have another Many2One (step) which is has a filter depending on their "parent" which would be the workstation. So the Step model would have a parent field which woud be another Many2One on the workshop. So the domain would be something like [("parent", "=",]. This would be classified in the view.

You can then (in the Kanban view) group by the "step" (as default) and filter by the "workstation" to have your classic Kanban view. Or have pre-made selection filters which are defined as above for each workstation.

This is a little complex, but seems to work, especially in simpler cases like yours. I am working on something similar for someone.

If you need any clarification let me know. Thanks,