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I have a BOM created for a product. Let's say it's a microwave. This means I assemble the microwave in my manufacturing facility. I purchase all components.

When I create the PO for the componentes of the microwave, I want a way to select the microwave and Odoo fills out the list of components. So instead of having to go through the list of components I simply say "give me the list of coponents" necessary to build 100 microwaves.

Any ideas how to achieve this?



I have added this to clarify what I want to do. I know what I'm requesting. I have experience with Odoo. This is why I'm posting it here; I already know there are things that sound as contradictions beacuse of the way Odoo works. If I have to use what Odoo already does, I would not post it here. That why this is a challenge.

From the "Purchase" app, I want to select the product that is "manufactured" with multiple components. The components are "pruchased". See the contradiction? I want the list of components and the appropriate quantities to be displayed in the PO.

The reason for this is that each product manufactured has a complex BOM, and if I have to enter manually the list of components and quantities, there are lots of errors. A BOM may have 65 components with different units of measure and quantites. I manufacture lots from 500 to 5 thousand.

The only option I have right now is to import the list of components. But if I change the BOM with the PLM, then the BOM changes. Purchasing is managed independantly from Manufacturing, so if Purchasing is not informed of the changes, then they buy components that are not used. And this has terrible implications in cost, inventory, etc.

If I'm going to manufacture 2500 products, I need to purchase the exact quantitiy of components needed.

Hope this helps to understand the challenge.

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To acheive your requirement you can use MTO replenish strategy. Make all your components inventory routes as "Replenish on Order" and "Buy". 

Whenever a MO get created it will automatically generated the PO with all the required components that are mentioned in the BOM



Thanks, but I need it to be only in the Purchase app, since there Manufacturing is handled by another area. The Purchasing area checks the inventory and orders, they work independantly.

Manufacturing order will create the requirement for components. If you have no requirement, what will then trigger creation of purchase requisition? So if you want to buy components for each order, your organization must work like that: Step 1: Create manufacturing order. Step 2 create purchase order.

The standard else to do this is to use reordering rules. Set a minimum stock and a qty to fill up. The replenishment will make sure you fill up stock of these components.