Can I customize the Work Order Tablet View? I want all the buttons at the top.

The current View shows the BACK button on the top row and the others on the second row.

Can this be changed?

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You can get this kind of design:

With this inherited View:


<button name="action_menu" position="before">
<field name="id" class="o_workorder_icon_btn" widget="back_arrow" readonly="1"/>

<div class="workorder_bar" position="replace"/>

<div class="workorder_actions" position="after">
<div class="workorder_bar">
<table width="100%">
<td style="padding-bottom:10px;">
<span>Step: <field name="name" readonly="1"/></span><br/>
<span>W/O: <field name="workcenter_id" readonly="1"/></span>
<td style="padding-bottom:10px;">
<span>Product: <field name="product_id" readonly="1"/></span><br/>
<span>Needed: <field name="qty_producing"
attrs="{'readonly': ['|', '|', ('allow_producing_quantity_change', '=', False),
('product_tracking', '=', 'serial'),
('state', 'in', ('done', 'cancel'))]}"
<label for="product_uom_id" string=""/>
<field name="product_uom_id" options="{'no_open': True}" readonly="1"/>
<span> / Remaining: <field name="qty_remaining"/>
<label for="product_uom_id" string="" class="oe_inline"/>
<field name="product_uom_id" options="{'no_open': True}" readonly="1"/>
<td style="padding-bottom:10px;">
<span>User: <field name="user_id" readonly="1"/></span><br/>
<span>M/O: <field name="production_id" readonly="1"/></span>
<td style="padding-bottom:10px;">
<span>Final </span><br/>
<span attrs="{'invisible': [('product_tracking', '!=', 'lot')]}">Lot: </span>
<span attrs="{'invisible': [('product_tracking', '!=', 'serial')]}">Serial: </span>
<td style="padding-bottom:20px;">
<div attrs="{'invisible': [('product_tracking', '=', 'none')]}">
<field name="finished_lot_id"
context="{'default_product_id': product_id, 'default_company_id': company_id}"
domain="[('id', 'in', allowed_lots_domain)]"/>
<button name="action_generate_serial" type="object" class="btn btn-secondary fa fa-plus-square-o"
aria-label="Creates a new serial/lot number" title="Creates a new serial/lot number"
role="img" attrs="{'invisible': [('finished_lot_id', '!=', False)]}"/>

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Hello mr. Ray i wander uf you can guide me trough a problem am facing i odoo 13. We use single tablet for each department but when the supervisor click back to start another work order the timer pauses. How I can make it not to stop the counter or put the start pause buttons as it is I odoo 12 or 14. I would be very appreciated if you share any solution that you may know.