Best practices on credit card purchase encoding

Hi Everyone,

I've just joined a company using Odoo, but with minimal automation.  I've introduced automatic payment order generation but face a problem as all the "open" purchases get in the list of elements to pay.

That list however includes invoices for which a corporate credit card was used (same "purchasing" journal) but whose actual bank account debit will only occur later on - and booked in Odoo as we get the associated bank statement. This is obviously a risk of double pay.

What would be the best practice for handling this (either at credit card purchase booking and/or payment order generation): a separate journal for credit card purchases, as we have a special bank account journal for those cards? Using expense notes but with a special tax treatment to get VAT back (not in standard Odoo, as I understand)? Something else?

Thanks for your feedback, we're eager to be improving on our processes :)

Arnaud, Belgium