Adding Google Analytics to Odoo v11 Website

We currently have an informative website at with Microsoft Clarity tracking.

We just started testing our odoo v11 website at and wish to add Google Analytics {or Clarity} to track behavior.

So far Ive found confusing steps for this.  

1. For Clarity I just need to add an html code to the head tags of a website.  But I dont know how to do so for the odoo11 website because the html code is not visible as far as i know.

2. I found this article telling me to create a new google analytics project which has confused me quite a bit.  

  • A.  This article states I need to create a Google Analytics API account and then get a Analytics Key in the format UA-xxxxyyyy-z and just paste it into the field.  I created the Google Analytics API but when I go to Website Dashboard under Visits I read that I also needed a Client ID which I couldnt find. Somehow got to an Oauth part and got a long string of numbers and letters which is labeled as ClientID. Then I need to get a UA format ID but nothing like that appears in the Google Analytics API Dashboard.( also, according to that article, I only need a UA format []

  • In this second article which but I think its the same thing. []

  • Finally I realized that I do have UA formatted IDs from something called where I have a main account.  That account has a UA-xxxxyyyy and under it I have a few properties with a format UA-xxxx-yyyy-Z.  I created a new one here as well for the store domain and it was different because it seems to be identified as a "stream"?  To make things worse, it has 3 different IDs, none with a UA- format.  The main one is a 9-digit numeric id, the second is a G-alphanumeric format id called a MEASUREMENT ID and the third is a 10-digit numeric id called a STREAM ID. 

So I seem to have a bunch of stuff created, but none that I can use on my website config.

Can someone please enligthen me as to how to get my domain tracked by Google or Clarity?

Thanks in advance