Add Job Number Field To Purchase Orders

Hi, is there a way using stuido to add the Job Number created in the Project App to our purchase orders so it gets directly added to that Job and the analytical account that is assigned under that Project?


Hi James,

I do not understand very well your question.

Do you want to select the project in the purchase order model and that the analytical account related to the project is charged to the product lines?

Thanks for getting back to me Yurimer.

Yea, basically we would want a field when creating a new RFQ or Purchase order allowing you to choose the Project Number (Job Number) so that it then gets assigned to that project?

Within our project app we have Sales Total & Purchases Total that we want to show the amount that has been purchased or invoiced for that Project however the fields don't update when a new purchase order or invoice is created and paid? When I go in to the Analytic Account (Costs & Revenues) for the project though i can see that their are costs associated to it in there.

This is the related field link but it isnt working: sale_order_id.amount_total