Project Administration and Accounting in Odoo using JIRA

This session discusses the link between Odoo and Jira using a customer case "Osudio". Osudio is an ICT service provider specialized in e-commerce. Osudio designs, develops and implements and manages stable and reliable systems for online sales, data processing and order management. The Osudio-group is an international organization with offices in various European countries, whereby staff from the different locations can collaborate on the same project. However there is only one Osudio-establishment who owns a project and that the Administration does with the customer and reports to this customer. To manage their business processes to Osudio both Jira as Odoo. The management of projects and service level agreements are maintained in JIRA. The Osudio employees record their activities in JIRA. Odoo is used for contracts management, personnel management and the financial settlement of the projects. The link between Jira and Odoo allows for seamless integration between the two systems whereby the work performed in Jira are automatically transferred to the appropriate contracts and then on a flexible and fast way can be billed to the customer in accordance with the contractually agreed rates specified in Odoo. Different forms of contract such as fixed price agreements, directing work, service contracts can easily be managed in Odoo.

Date & time

06/04/2014 06:00


20 minutes

Discovery / Foyer Royal
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