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Hands-on Odoo product training sessions with our experts.
Early bird - €950
Sep 30 Oct 1
Aula Magna • BE
Lunch & Drinks
  • Develop useful common features used in Odoo modules
  • Understand models, fields, and interaction between models.
  • Work with computed fields, relational fields, dependencies and constraints.
  • Use basic views: form and list.
  • Development of modules using
  • Customize anything you want in the user interface.
  • Understand the web client design.
  • Add new features to the web client in JavaScript.
  • Learn to write more maintainable code.
  • This is an intermediate-level course - some experience with developing Odoo and JavaScript is recommended.
  • Discover the Odoo IoT App.
  • Improve the productivity of a company with the IoT Box.
  • Learn to develop drivers for new devices.
  • This class is recommended for developers.
  • Understand theoretically the QuickStart Methodology.
  • Apply the methodology in different practical cases.
  • Get efficient advices to build an efficient QuickStart team (recruitment, profitability, etc.).
  • Understand advanced features.
  • Learn advanced configurations.
  • Draw the use limit of Odoo in specific use cases.
  • Accounting App: The perfect sales speech.
  • Get an advanced overview of the Odoo Inventory in v13
  • Understand theoretically, within a supply chain framework, how each core functionality works
  • Apply the knowledge acquired onto real-life use-cases
  • Learn the best practices to reach operational excellence