The Concept

The Concept

The concept is a store furniture and gallery based in Beirut. Their mission is to transform spaces into living concepts via providing affordable and high-end designs.


The main challenge for the “The Concept” was the communication between the operations and the sales on the shop floor. The furniture retail was a challenging domain where each piece can have multiple variations that modifies the price. In addition, it required visual representation to be able to convince the client.

Azkatech, the official Odoo partner helped them via implementing a tablet solution provided for the sales on the shop floor that is integrated with the inventory. It allowed the sales to have the latest information about the products available, the costs and to show the customers the media related to each piece.

Then the salesman will add the selected items to a cart that can be checked out at the caisse.

In addition of the implementation for modules for collections, deliveries, installation along with the purchase and warehouse in order to cover the whole flow of business.