Tenzing Pacific Services

Tenzing Pacific Services

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Port Cities Vietnam (9 reference(s))

Port Cities Vietnam
Tầng 15, tòa nhà LIM II
62A Cách Mạng Tháng Tám, Phường 06, Quận 3
Ho Chi Minh City
+84 375 596 433

About Tenzing Pacific Insurance Services

Tenzing Pacific is an insurance broker operating in several countries throughout Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar & Philippines). 

They cooperate with more than 20 local and international insurance providers and help their clients to navigate through huge portfolio of health, life and corporate insurance and choose the most suitable one for them.

About Odoo implementation

Tenzing Pacific uses Odoo for handling their marketing operations, sales and customer care. Odoo is accompanying the clients from the first contact on the website, through all the communication through CRM, up to automated helpful e-mails and reminders sent by Odoo. Odoo also helps to store all the necessary information about the clients, their active policies and past communication. 

Tenzing Pacific is ready to help you find the most suitable insurance for you while you are staying in Asia. You can get in touch with Tenzing Pacific at www.ten-pac.com