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SilencerCo is the leader in the highest regulated market of firearms and outdoor sports. SilencerCo’s offerings are made to exacting standards in their facility in Utah, with a careful approach to engineering and quality.

During a period of rapid growth, SilencerCo created a collection of homebrewed business systems were proving impossible to maintain and limited future growth.  In 2015, IT Director Chris Miller recognized the need to replace these systems with a solution that would enable growth in a cost effective and easy to manage ERP system.

In addition, Chris realized that this solution needed to be flexible and open for integration to support their unique operational flow.

He needed the ability to integrate with key control and tracking systems within the factory as well as with regulatory agencies.

They conducted a thorough analysis of the available options and decided Odoo was the right choice for them, and engaged Open Source Integrators’ Information Systems to help them proceed.

The SilencerCo team now possesses a fulling integrated ERP solution to grow and manage their businesses. Odoo added new functionality in addition to replacing unmaintainable legacy systems, and ensuring the highest levels of quality and compliance. Read more...