SCIP Sita Waste Services

SCIP Sita Waste Services

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SCIP SITA and Elico Corp Shanghai have signed a cooperation agreement to implement OpenERP for the largest and most sophisticated hazardous waste incinerators in mainland China, located in Shanghai Chemical Industrial Park. 

OpenERP will be used as integrated management system for all operations related with plant management and administration. The project, combining resources from both companies, will start in April 2013 for an expected duration of 2 years. The first phase will focus on core business management processes such as: Waste and Customer contract management, Sales, Warehousing, Purchasing, HR, Accounting and CMMS integration. A second phase will complete this scope with manufacturing processes and the integration with laboratory management and gate attendance.

SCIP SITA Waste Services Co., Ltd. (SCIP SITA) was established in March, 2003, as a joint venture between the Shanghai Chemical Industry Park (SCIP), SITA Waste Services (a 100% owned subsidiary of Suez Environnement) and New World.

SCIP SITA Waste Services is a leading Hazardous Waste Management Company who operates the largest and most sophisticated hazardous waste incinerators (2 lines) in mainland China, with an annual treatment capacity of 60,000 tons per year. SCIP SITA is designed to provide comprehensive waste treatment services in Shanghai, including waste management on customers’ facilities, waste collection, transportation and treatment, and waste analysis.

上海升达与上海寰享之间为前者坐落于上海化学园区的中国本土最大和最先进的危险废物焚烧炉 的OpenERP实施签订合作协议。

OpenERP将作为所有与工厂管理和业务运营相关的综合管理系统。通过对双方公司资源的有效调配,项目将从20134月起开始,预期两年。项目第一 阶段主要集中在关键业务管理流程,如废品和客户合同管理,销售,库存,采购,人力,财务和与CMMS的集成。

第二阶段将继续完善第一阶段定义的项目范围,同时并入生产流程, 与实验室管理及门卡考勤管理等的集成。

上海化学工业区升达废料处理公司(简称 ”升达“)成立于20033月,作为上海化学工业园区(SCIP)及升达废料服务(苏伊士环境100%控股的子公司)的合资企业。

上海升达废料服务是一家领先的危险废物管理公司,经营着中国大陆最大和最先进的危险废物焚烧炉(2线),具备约60000吨的年处理能力。升达致力于在 上海提供全面的垃圾处理服务,包括与客户设施相关的废物管理,垃圾收集,运输和处理,及废品分析。