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PotomacBeads, at its core, is about transforming people. Our products are designed to instill a sense of accomplishment through creative pursuits.

We believe all people are created with innate creativity… unfortunately life and society can bury these creative passions. Self-doubt becomes the new normal.

At PotomacBeads, we understand. It’s our mission to help you become more creative and accomplished -- with free tutorials, fun community, incredible supplies, and resources for continual improvement & inspiration.

Beading exercises the mind and creates connections between people. It is amazing to watch new skills develop and passions blossom every day. That is what we do – help to reveal an individual’s creative side.

Our mission is to help you overcome your challenges, and tap into your artistic potential! Take your skills to the next level with creativity that lasts a lifetime.

- Allie & Nathan Buchman
Founders PotomacBeads