OutDoor Kuwait

OutDoor Kuwait

Outdoor Kuwait faced a significant operational challenge in its quest for a unified system to manage both online and offline sales seamlessly. Furthermore, the complexity of calculating the exact product landing cost, incorporating shipping, customs, and miscellaneous expenses, added a layer of difficulty to their purchasing processes.

We at Seventh Dimension addressed these challenges by implementing Odoo's holistic approach. The result was a single, comprehensive solution that empowered our client to manage online sales and offline sales via the Odoo native applications. Remarkably, both sales channels are seamlessly connected to the same warehouse, eliminating the need for any third-party integration apps.

Key Achievements:

- Transparent Cost Calculation: Streamlined the purchasing process by accurately calculating product landing costs. This encompassed shipping, customs, and miscellaneous expenses, offering clarity and precision in financial transactions.
- Connected Warehousing: The seamless connection between the Odoo online store, Odoo POS system, and the centralized warehouse eliminated the need for third-party integration apps. This not only reduced complexity but also enhanced efficiency in inventory management.
- Enhanced Customer Experience: Outdoor Kuwait now offers a seamless and consistent experience to customers, whether they choose to shop online or in-store. The unified system ensures real-time inventory updates, order accuracy, and timely fulfillment.

At Seventh Dimension, we are proud to have partnered with Outdoor Kuwait in transforming their operations. Our commitment to excellence remains unwavering as we continue to support them in their journey of providing top-notch outdoor solutions to adventure enthusiasts.