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Linkyo provides the best deals on toner and cartridge replacements, in addition to remanufactured cartridges. They have been featured at major marketplaces for their competitive prices.

Brainvire has been assisting Linkyo with their inventory management and business processes by implementing the ultimate system. One of Brainvire's many achievements was enabling Odoo development to deal with CLV through analytics while leveraging statistics for customer loyalty.

With these, they built an excellent set of features such as synchronizing Amazon orders from Magento into Odoo; bulk product updates on top of that; a connector between Odoo and Magento for synchronization purposes which also lets data flow in both directions - thus making it possible to manage products at all stages including importing new stock items without having them sync back up again later when changed or updated (this saves time).

Finally, there are reports like Inventory Value Report where one can track how much each item costs over a sale.

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