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Silverdale Technology LLC (22 reference(s))

Silverdale Technology LLC
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For more than two decades, Continuant has been focused on delivering exceptional service to the enterprise. In addition to providing maintenance and support for existing systems, Continuant manages complex unified communications infrastructures, collaborates with businesses to develop a strategic roadmap to a unified communications solution, and offers unparalleled AV Solutions—including Design, Installation, and Day 2 support.

Continuant is located in Tacoma, Washington, USA.

Bista Solutions implemented Odoo Version 11 for Continuant, replacing their legacy software in Salesforce and ChikPea-FinancialForce. Modules implemented included:

  • Accounting

  • CRM

  • Subscription

  • Sales

  • Purchase

  • Warehouse

Custom 2-way iPaaS integration

With their legacy system, it took Continuant a long time to process invoices and create quotes (the latter also involved a hefty amount of manual work). Now that the company has Odoo, invoice processing is much faster, quote creation takes place within the software, and pdf quotes can be generated in a much more timely manner.

Because their previous set of software had different license restrictions, users would also not know what information was present on each system, and they would often create the same document multiple times. Since Odoo is one system for everyone, Continuant no longer has this problem.