Odoo Tops the Rank in Hong Kong’s ‘D-biz Programme’

Odoo prevails as a top global SaaS solution among 932 companies in Hong Kong Government’s tech fund program.

Responding to the rise of remote working conditions, The Innovation and Technology Commission (ITC) launched the ‘Distance Business (D-Biz) Programme’, joined by The Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) as the secretariat. The program supports SMEs affected by the pandemic by encouraging the adoption of IT solutions. Upon approval, enterprises will qualify for 100% funding to undertake projects within six months (with a cap of HK$100,000 per IT solution, and HK$300,000 per enterprise).

On 16 May, the HKPC announced the first batch of qualified IT service providers. Odoo stood out in the margin of global SaaS (Service as a Software) solutions out of 932 listed companies, by fulfilling nine out of twelve service categories in the program. In addition to this good news, we’re pleased to mark our new milestone of 5 million users worldwide. As open-source ERP solutions are high in demand more than ever, Odoo’s subscription rate has surpassed expectations and increased by 73% globally, 40% in the APAC region, and 76% in Hong Kong since last year (May 2019).

Let’s now explore nine of the service categories fulfilled by Odoo and how businesses can maximize their benefits. Online businesses are able to improve the control and management of operations with eCommerce apps. In order-taking and deliveries, manual work is minimized while time is optimized with the Purchase and Inventory apps. This is enhanced by the new features in Odoo 13 that allow automation configurations and integration with third-party connectors (eBay, Amazon, and international shipping connectors). Digital payment and point-of-sale facilitate a wide range of retail businesses with the PoS app, as Odoo’s reporting and forecasting features help to enrich simple tasks.

Customer services can also be managed with better control of customer data and insights; leading to higher customer conversion and retention rates. The Accounting, Invoicing, and Expenses apps help to develop a robust financial system. As the transition from excel sheets to the online accounting system offer more accurate reconciliation, reporting, and performance reviews. The Employees, Recruitment, and Appraisal apps significantly save costs and resources by streamlining task management in human resources. Lastly, the Discuss app and every Odoo app with internal communication features align with the core aspects of remote working, virtual team management & communications.

Besides documentation, storage, and access services, Odoo’s framework exceeds the benefits of the categories in the D-Biz program with additional apps including MRP (Manufacturing Resources Planning), Marketing, and Sales functions.

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