And The Nominees For The Odoo Awards Are...

The Odoo Partner Awards Ceremony will take place during the Odoo Experience on October 6, 2016.

24 Partners, 3 Contributors

To honor starters and partners that have best embodied Odoo values and spread the Odoo concept globally, Odoo presents the Partner Awards Ceremony during our flagship event, Odoo Experience.

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This Award Ceremony is an opportunity to highlight the importance of real collaboration between partners, customers, and the community. This ceremony aims to reward successful companies and acknowledge the meaningful role that partners and starters play in Odoo’s growth and continued success.

Nominees, divided by region (EMEA, Asia Pacific, and the Americas), will compete in two categories, Best Starter and Best Partner. Judging criteria includes: turnover, growth, commitment, advocacy, mindset and client relationships.

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Odoo insiders foresee a tough competition, as all entries appear to be companies with a mindset and business model that strives for excellence.

Nominees are coming from sometimes dramatically different backgrounds and provide answers to a set of very diverse needs, demonstrating the flexibility and openness that has become synonymous with the Odoo model.

The nominees for the Odoo Experience Awards Ceremony are:

APAC Region

Best Starter APAC

  1. BAG Networks

  2. Inspired Software

  3. Haiforce

Best Partner APAC

  1. Elico Corp

  2. Falinwa

  3. WilldooIT

Americas Region

Best Starter Americas

  1. Confianz

  2. Microcom

  3. VCloud9

Best Partner North America

  1. Bista Solutions

  2. Sodexis

  3. Ursa Information Systems

Best Partner LATAM

  1. JARSA Sistemas

  2. Same Motion

  3. Vauxoo

EMEA Region

Best Starter EMEA

  1. Odoo Experts

  2. SimplicIT

  3. Syentys

Best Partner Europe

  1. Acsone

  2. brain-tec AG

  3. IFE GmbH

Best Partner MEA

  1. ERPWeb Solutions Pty Ltd

  2. Simpl!t Co

  3. SLNEE

Best Contributor

  1. Colin Newell, OpusVL

  2. Adrien Peiffer, Acsone

  3. Yenthe Van Ginneken, 

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