Vahini + Odoo: When Massive Scale Isn’t Just a Pipe Dream

Company Name: Vahini Pipes

Country: India 

Industry: Manufacturing

Apps: Purchase, Sales, Manufacturing, Inventory.

Odoo Users: 45+ 

Odoo Implementation Partner: Prixgen

In the heart of Karnataka, a manufacturing enterprise emerged in the 2000s to develop water management solutions. Vahini started as a modest manufacturing unit on a journey to revolutionize water management and has grown today to become one of the biggest players within their space, serving a large chunk of the Southern Indian region. They supply their products via more than 10,000 distributors and dealers across southern India, generating more than 500 crore rupees in revenue annually. 

Scaling up With Traditional Solutions Was Difficult

Vahini’s first attempt at managing business with software started with Indian accounting software Tally Prime. As a growing business, they needed a simple yet versatile solution that was easy to use yet offered solutions they could use to scale. Despite being a popular option, Vahini found Tally’s UI and features limiting. Not to mention that Vahini was a manufacturer, and Tally could only handle the accounting and invoicing side of their business. 

A Fortunate Discovery 

As Vahini’s business expanded, they realized the need for a better, more comprehensive solution. 

Vahini discovered Odoo when looking for a solution that would bring together every department of their business. They connected with Prixgen Tech (Odoo partners in Mysore) who handled Vahini's Odoo implementation.

Odoo was a game-changer for Vahini. They claim Odoo has helped them grow tremendously in the five years they have been using it. 

The Blueprint for Success 

Vahini addressed all their business needs using Odoo’s Inventory, sales, purchase, manufacturing, and other modules. Tracking raw material locations and quantities proved to be a massive advantage with Odoo, streamlining their manufacturing. 

Tracking the minimum and maximum quantities of materials required and on-demand, category-based sales forecasts were major improvements to Vahini’s operations as well. On the accounting side, better reporting was an added plus. The ability to keep an eye on the monthly and yearly average sales values for different products helped them meet fluctuating demands and challenging market conditions effectively.

The Future with Odoo

Odoo’s comprehensive features and flexibility allowed Vahini to scale effectively. Vahini is confident about meeting future challenges and will continue to provide excellent service to customers using Odoo.

With Odoo, Vahini’s manufacturing is a lot more efficient, allowing them to serve their customers well on a massive scale. Together the two companies have developed a promising partnership that is sure to grow further. 


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