Trinnov Audio: Delivering Musical Excellence with Odoo

Company name: Trinnov Audio
Location: Neuilly-Plaisance / France
Industry: Electrical & Electronic Manufacturing
Partner name: CamptoCamp France
Odoo account manager: Alicia Wautier
Main Apps implemented: Accounting, Inventory, Manufacturing, Sales, Purchase
Company Size: 50
Number of Users: 24
Hosting Type: On-Premise

Trinnov Audio was founded in 2003 with a mission to advance the sound quality across the audio entertainment chain. From production and sound mixing through commercial distribution and all the way to its playback in the home. Trinnov’s diverse team of 50 passionate people over 6 time zones worldwide share a deep commitment to audio excellence, bringing years of audio engineering and musical experience, extending across all departments of the company.

Now represented in 55 countries, with over 8000 high-performance installations worldwide, Trinnov’s unique involvement in all aspects of audio production means they are found in the world’s most advanced professional audio facilities, thousands of commercial cinema screens, and the most exclusive private home cinemas.

With global presence comes a global demand. A pain point Trinnov faced prior to implementing Odoo was the stock tracing and monitoring of sold machines. Previously, the only tracing method they had was via their intranet and Excel. This was not effective and often led to miscounted stock. Another pain point Trinnov previously faced was their accounting; it was outsourced and the company wanted to internalize it. They wanted to evolve from declarative accounting to active management of the company’s financials. 

After analysing ERP solutions on the market, Trinnov decided to go for Odoo because of its integration, scalability and open-source suite. This would enable the company to integrate additional modules to handle the increase in workload as the company grew. 

The initial part of Trinnov’s Odoo solution was initially implemented in-house. The project began in 2016 and in the first year Odoo Sales was implemented. The following year (2017) they integrated Odoo Accounting. This helped to automate the accounting of sales and purchase orders. Implementing the accounting module saved the company time with invoices, increased their professionalism as accounting and finance tasks were completed on time and resulted in reduced payment delays. 

After that, their solution extended to Manufacturing, Purchase and Inventory. Implementing these modules enabled Trinnov to have a better follow up of spares consumption, they spend less time with stock evaluation and have a much better accuracy of data. Thanks to the bill of materials, the company now has a more effective and accurate stock count. Throughout every step of the implementation, Trinnov’s employees have been involved. Their involvement has enabled each employee to learn more effectively and also have direct input in the evolution of their Odoo solution. 

Whilst the ability to add modules to their Odoo solution was helpful in adjusting to big company changes, such as the opening of their US subsidiary in 2018, Trinnov also decided it was time to work with an implementation partner for the maintenance of their solution. This decision had been driven by the need for efficiency and better quality. They wanted to ensure seamless migrations and updates that would bring little to no disruptions to operations. In the past, operations had been disrupted and manufacturing partners were unable to access Odoo. By switching to a new partner, Trinnov was able to avoid this and continue to provide their manufacturing partners with uninterrupted access to Odoo. Trinnov chose to work with camptocamp because of their quality, clear responses and robustness. Although switching to an implementation partner increased costs, the quality of their solution and efficiency also increased making every penny spent worth it. 

Three things the company most values about Odoo are:

  • The automation of processes (sales orders and invoices, machines’ parts transmission, accounting reconciliation etc.);
  • Quick and easy access to reliable and useful data that not only allow Trinnov to draft great reports but also to pilot the business; 
  • The possibility to log notes in the chatter pretty much everywhere so that they can keep track of all history.
“Odoo has found a way to give meaning to our data and enable us to pilot our business in an efficient way.” -Jules Bussière, Admin and Finance Director at Trinnov Audio

Since installing Odoo, Trinnov’s sales and turnover has increased by tenfold and the business has continuously grown thanks to the efficiency enabled by Odoo. So much so, the company opened a subsidiary. Employees are also satisfied with the software solution. For Trinnov, it is a pleasure to measure the time they’ve won each time they pull out the figures (quarterly reports and inventory valuations) or on day to day tasks (reconciliation, payment follow-up and bank imports). Nothing brings music to Trinnov’s ears like the smooth integration of additional modules and apps with their solution. 

About Trinnov Audio
Trinnov Audio develops innovative solutions that improve the quality of sound throughout the production chain until the end listener. Trinnov’s diverse team of over 45 passionate people across 6 time zones shares a deep commitment to audio excellence, bringing hundreds of years of audio engineering and musical experience, extending across all departments of the company.

About Camp to Camp France
Based in Rhône-Alpes (Chambéry) and Paris but also in Switzerland and Germany, the Camptocamp Group (120 employees) is the very 1 st Gold Odoo partner in the world. Our certified and multilingual consultants have been integrating Odoo into SMEs, mid-cap companies and large groups since 2006. We are a historical Odoo integrator offering pragmatic, quality and sustainable support, while not neglecting change management.

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