Seamless Solutions: Coher’s Journey with Odoo

Company Name: Coher

Location: Mexico

Industry: Industrial Sales

Apps Implemented: Sales, Inventory, Point of Sale, and more

Company Size: 10

Number of Users: 10

Hosting Type: Odoo Online

Coher is a leading company in the manufacturing and distribution of support, fixation, and connections equipment, offering products and services of the highest quality in the market. From plugs and supports to industrial steel cable, its catalog covers a wide range of reliable solutions. Based in Mexico City, Coher stands out for its commitment to excellence in service and profitability.

Digitization with Odoo

In an increasingly digitized business world, the implementation of ERP systems becomes essential to optimize processes and improve efficiency. Before adopting Odoo, Coher lacked an ERP system, which made it extremely difficult for them to work remotely or centralize their data. The search for an integrated solution led them to Odoo, recognized for its simplicity and effectiveness in business management.

Arsenio Collado, Director of Coher, mentioned they found Odoo to be more flexible than the system they previously used for these processes.

Successful Implementation

Currently, the digitization of invoices is one of the most important processes for companies. Fortunately, Odoo offers all the advantages that come with digitizing invoices.

Despite being in the implementation process, Coher has already experienced significant improvements in its operations, thanks to Odoo. The digitization of invoices, along with the centralization of processes, have greatly simplified their daily tasks, paving the way for more efficient management.

Odoo's Flexibility: Remote Work Made Easy

One of Odoo's most outstanding features for Coher is its ability to facilitate remote work. The flexibility offered by the system allows them to operate from any location, ensuring business continuity under any circumstance. 

Arsenio Collado emphasized that Odoo sets itself apart from other systems with its flexibility, in addition to the reliable support they receive as clients during the implementation process.

Odoo not only offers powerful tools, they also provide an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. The company routinely strives to meet customer expectations in a timely manner - always adapting to their unique needs and budget.

About Coher

Coher, based in Mexico City, is a leading company in the manufacturing and distribution of support, fixation, connections, and firefighting equipment. Coher's collaboration with Odoo has allowed the company to optimize its processes through digitization, improving operational efficiency, and facilitating remote work.

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