Pills, Thrills, and Cloud-Based Skills: Dawaa Pharmacies’ Journey with Odoo

Dawaa Pharmacy

Company Name: Dawaa Pharmacy
Country: Qatar
Industry: Pharmaceutical
Main Apps: Accounting
Number of Odoo Users:9
Odoo Customer Success Manager: Jawad Maatouk
Odoo Implementing Consultants: Advanced Solutions

Meet Assem Mohamed, the manager of Dawaa Pharmacies, a dynamic pharmaceutical group that has been making waves in the Qatari market. In this success story, Assem shares how Odoo, an integrated business management software, played a pivotal role in revolutionizing the way Dawaa Pharmacies operates and plans for future growth.

A Humble Beginning:

Dawaa Pharmacies started its journey just two years ago, initially comprising a group of pharmacies. As they expanded, they ventured into distributing medicines across Qatar. Today, they proudly run four branches and have ambitious plans to further extend their reach in the coming years.

Challenges Faced:

Before embracing Odoo, Dawaa Pharmacies encountered a series of challenges that hampered their growth. Their existing system was not cloud-based, relying on local servers within the pharmacies. This setup posed significant obstacles when it came to accessing the system remotely. 

Furthermore, their existing software lacked integration between modules. Whether it was HR, Sales, or Point of Sale (PoS), each aspect of their business functioned in isolation, making daily operations a complex and time-consuming affair.

The Quest for a Solution:

Recognizing the need for change, Dawaa Pharmacies embarked on a search for a more advanced and holistic business management solution. This quest led them to Wael, a trusted friend in their professional network, and the renowned experts at "Advanced Solutions." Wael and his team at "Advanced Solutions" proved instrumental in guiding Dawaa Pharmacies toward the right path. They introduced them to the Enterprise version of Odoo, shedding light on its myriad benefits. What followed was the development of a tailored system that exceeded Dawaa's expectations.

Seamless Integration with Odoo:

The most remarkable transformation Odoo brought to Dawaa Pharmacies was the seamless synchronization between its various applications. Where once each aspect of their business operated in isolation, Odoo interconnected everything. Payroll, HR, Sales, and Accounting now worked harmoniously together, streamlining operations and boosting efficiency.

Cloud-Based Convenience:

Another significant advantage of Odoo was its cloud-based nature. This accessibility, whether through a phone or computer, enabled Dawaa Pharmacies to manage their business effortlessly, even when outside the office. Approvals, sales tracking, and field operations became a breeze, further enhancing productivity.

Empowering E-commerce:

In today's market, e-commerce and online sales are paramount. Odoo seamlessly integrated these facets with Dawaa's physical stores. Customers could instantly view product availability, and when items ran low, automatic notifications ensured customers were always informed.

Time and Cost Savings:

Odoo had a profound impact on Dawaa Pharmacies' daily operations. It significantly streamlined payment procedures and customer communications, saving them an incredible amount of time and resources. The transformation was nothing short of night and day.

A Resounding Success:

In Assem's own words, the experience with Odoo can only be described as a success story. Dawaa Pharmacies not only overcame its previous challenges but also positioned itself at the forefront of pharmaceutical businesses in Qatar.


Dawaa Pharmacies' journey with Odoo is a testament to the transformative power of integrated business management software. Through seamless integration, cloud-based accessibility, and adaptability to modern market trends, Odoo has propelled Dawaa Pharmacies into a future of growth and success.

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