Odoo in Action: IPISA Enhances Its Performance

Company Name: IPISA

Location: Mexico

Industry: Tire Industry

Apps Implemented: CRM, Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Accounting, E-mail Marketing, and more...

Company size: +90

Number of users:

IPISA stands out as a company committed to excellence, with a reputation for top-notch customer satisfaction, in the field of consultancy and industrial equipment sales. With a vision focused on the continuous improvement of operational processes, IPISA has forged strategic alliances with renowned brand manufacturers, thus solidifying its commitment to efficiency, productivity, and profitability for its clients.

Meeting Odoo: A Strategic Choice

In its constant pursuit of excellence, IPISA identified the need to optimize its ERP system, which over time became inadequate to meet the growing demands of the company. The quest for a comprehensive solution providing effective interconnectivity across various applications led IPISA to explore options within the extensive landscape of available ERP systems in the market

After analyzing various alternatives, IPISA strategically decided to collaborate with Odoo. The choice was based on the system's optimal adaptability to IPISA's specific needs, which were supported by a robust set of features and an attractive pricing structure that aligned perfectly with the company's expectations.

Continuous Implementation Process: Heading Towards Total Efficiency

Currently, IPISA is still in the process of implementation with Odoo, as they continue to progressively integrate new applications into their system. Dulce Narvaez, representative of IPISA, emphasizes that the versatility of Odoo's functionalities was a key factor in the decision-making process. "All the features that Odoo offers were one of the most important factors when deciding to adopt their system, in addition to the affordable price," comments Narvaez.

Tangible Progress

Dulce Narvaez shares specific areas where IPISA has experienced notable improvements since adopting Odoo. "I believe that in the sales area and, primarily, in CRM, we have implemented easily, and it has helped us a lot," she emphasizes. The ability to generate customer reports and access real-time information are elements that Narvaez also highlights as key facilitators in IPISA's day-to-day operations.

The implemented changes have brought about significant improvements in both the internal and external processes of IPISA, resulting in tangible outcomes and an enhanced experience for their clients. The adoption of Odoo has proven to be a strategic investment for IPISA, driving operational efficiency and fortifying its position in the competitive industrial equipment market.


IPISA is a prominent company specializing in the consultancy and sale of industrial equipment, committed to excellence in customer satisfaction. The company has revolutionized its operations through the implementation of Odoo as its ERP system. Thanks to this strategic choice, IPISA has surpassed previous limitations, achieving substantial improvements in efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

Learn more at: ipisa.com.mx

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