Odoo Helps MPF Consultancy GUM Save 50% Time On HR Tasks

Company Name: Gain Miles Assurance Consultants Limited (GUM)
Location: Hong Kong
Industry: Financial Services
Company Size: 60-70
Apps Implemented: Attendances, Surveys, Project, Email Marketing, eLearning, Live Chat, Helpdesk, Employee Contracts, Payroll, Appraisals, Forum, Website, Blogs, Documents, Studio, Accounting, Sales, Invoicing, Discuss, Contacts, Calendar, Dashboards, Employees, Consolidation
Number of Users: 75
Hosting Type: Odoo.sh

Odoo is one of the best investments for our company!

Samuel Chan • Digital Innovation Lead

Established in 1980, Gain Mailes (GUM) is a consulting firm that provides financial services on employee benefits and corporate MPF solutions in Hong Kong and Macau. With a professional team and 43 years of expertise in the insurance field, the company aspires to streamline human resources (HR) management practices while offering top-notch employee experiences.  

As a corporate solution provider, GUM understands the power of digital transformation more than anyone else. Before Odoo, the company depended on 6 platforms to handle its accounting, payroll, appraisals, recruitments, and customer relationship management (CRM). Now, all tasks are united on Odoo, saving the team time on data migration and communication.

Automated Appraisal Process

The most evident example would be the way GUM now conducts annual appraisals. Previously, the HR department had to hand out appraisal forms, remind the appraisees, and collect the completed forms.  

After implementing Odoo Appraisals, the appraisal process became seamless and efficient. The software automatically generated appraisal forms, eliminating the need for manual reminders. As a result, GUM experienced a 50% reduction in the time spent on appraisals, enabling HR to allocate more time and resources to focus on employee benefits and development initiatives.

Empowering the Team

Odoo is easy to use. It's easy to get started even for new joiners.

Michael She • Head of HR & Finance

Thanks to the software's intuitive design, new joiners can quickly adapt and pick up tasks, reducing training and onboarding time. Meanwhile, Odoo empowers existing teams to work on different tasks simultaneously. While department heads conduct appraisals, the finance team can start processing the team's salary after their pay raise as the HR team prepares for the next round of appraisals. Odoo Accounting as the HR team prepares for the next round of appraisals.

In addition to digital transformation, GUM witnessed remarkable data centralization with Odoo, further boosting the team's efficiency. 

Having all information stored digitally on Odoo, team managers utilize the system's reporting function to review the performance of the team and individual team members. Team leaders at GUM found it easy to spot what each member is great at to better understand their career growth in the company. 

Contributing to the Company's Success

Overall, GUM's adoption of Odoo brought about a remarkable digital transformation within the organization. The centralization of data and enhanced productivity promoted better communication between teams and resulted in significant time savings. This improved efficiency allowed every employee to seamlessly integrate into their roles and contribute to the company's success from day one. 

Gain Miles Assurance Consultants Limited (GUM)

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