Northtelecom: Satellite Solutions Blast Off with Odoo

Company Name: North Telecom Trading
Country: UAE
Industry: Telecom
Main Apps implemented: CRM, Studio, Purchase, Inventory, Accounting,
Sales, invoicing, Payroll
Number of Odoo Users: 50
Odoo Customer Success Manager: Omar Shammout (omsh)
Odoo Implementing PartnePartner: Al Jawad Software House

In today's world of digitalization, satellite communication has become the backbone of many businesses worldwide. From providing reliable connectivity in remote locations to enabling seamless data transfer, satellite communication has emerged as a crucial technology. And when it comes to satellite services, Northtelecom stands out as a leading global provider.

Established in 2007, Northtelecom has been serving customers worldwide for over a decade with its comprehensive range of satellite and ICT services. The company has a strong presence globally, with offices and teleports in Germany, Malaysia, Italy, Singapore, and HQ in Dubai, UAE. With a team of skilled professionals and industry experts, Northtelecom has been delivering cutting-edge technology-driven solutions to meet market demands.

However, managing the operations of different departments and subsidiaries was a challenge for Northtelecom. With different systems in place, they were struggling to streamline their operations, leading to delays and inefficiencies. Eventually, the company decided to opt for an integrated platform, and that's when they discovered Odoo. Northtelecom decided to implement Odoo and take advantage of its numerous features and benefits.

One of the biggest challenges for Northtelecom was defining the right SOP, procedures, and processes for the company. With Odoo's Studio app, they were able to design and customize their workflows to match their business needs. This helped them define and streamline their standard operating procedures, which resulted in increased efficiency and productivity.

Odoo's CRM app helped Northtelecom manage its customer interactions effectively. With a 360-degree view of their customer data, the company was able to provide personalized services and increase customer satisfaction. The Purchase and Inventory apps helped the company manage its procurement and inventory effectively, resulting in better cost management and reduced wastage.

The Accounting app helped Northtelecom manage its finances, track expenses, and generate financial reports. With the Sales and Invoicing apps, the company was able to streamline its sales process, generate invoices automatically, and manage its cash flow effectively.

Finally, Odoo's Payroll app helped Northtelecom manage its employee payroll, benefits, and expenses, all in one place. This reduced the administrative burden on the HR team and helped them focus on more strategic initiatives.

Overall, with the help of Odoo, Northtelecom was able to streamline its operations, reduce inefficiencies, and increase productivity. With the support of the right partnerships across the continents, the company was able to deliver uninterrupted satellite services, with 24*7 customer support. Today, Northtelecom stands as a perfect example of how technology-driven solutions can help businesses overcome challenges and achieve their goals.

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