Limitless Shopping Unlocks Limitless Potential with Odoo

Company Name: Limitless Shopping
Country: UAE
Industry: E-commerce
Number of Odoo Users: 36
Odoo Customer Success Manager:
Mira al Kamand
Implementing Consultant:
Khaled Khaffash


Meet Derek, the IT Manager and Software Developer at Limitless Shopping, an e-commerce company that sells a range of products from electronics to health and beauty. Limitless Shopping operates in the most GCC countries, with a significant presence in Saudi Arabia and UAE. In this blog post, Derek shares how Limitless Shopping tackled their biggest IT challenges and transformed their sales system with the help of Odoo, an ERP system.

One of the biggest issues that Limitless Shopping faced was their slow sales system. The custom-built PHP system was causing server issues, which resulted in slow speed. Derek and his team had to purchase a bigger server to handle the traffic and give more speed to the sales team. Another significant challenge was their accounting software, which was stored in a single accountant's system. This posed a problem because if that person wasn't available, no one could access the database.

Derek and his team started looking for a new ERP system and compared several options, including Oracle, SAP, and Odoo. They decided to go with Odoo after a recommendation from one of their colleagues. They started with a few apps and later implemented the full system, which included sales, CRM, accounting, inventory, and help desk for customer service.

Implementing Odoo brought several benefits for Limitless Shopping. The sales handling process became more efficient, resulting in an increase in the percentage of order confirmations. Delivery percentage also improved, thanks to a software model in Odoo that enabled the team to follow up with customers who hadn't received their orders. The system also reduced manual work by about 80 percent, leading to a significant increase in overall efficiency.

Odoo transformed Limitless Shopping's sales system and boosted their business. With the help of Odoo's ERP system, Derek and his team were able to overcome their IT challenges and improve their overall efficiency. The Odoo applications they use, including sales, CRM, accounting, inventory, and help desk for customer service, have made a significant difference in their day-to-day operations. As Derek puts it, "If I could describe Odoo in one word, amazing."

Limitless Shopping

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