ikonhouse designs wonders with Odoo

Understanding the Importance of Optimizing Work Time

Company Name: ikonhouse
Country: United Arab Emirates
Industry: Retail, Trading, Furniture 
Main Apps Implemented: Accounting, Invoice, Inventory, CRM, Purchase, Sales, Website, eCommerce, Email Marketing, Studio, Leaves/Times Off 
Company Size: 40
Implementation Timeline: 6 Months
Customer Success Manager: Rania Alrawanduzy

About ikonhouse

ikonhouse was born from a personal passion and belief that every living space should bring an experience to those who enter it. The concept was based on merging two intrinsic considerations in architecture. The first is the material elements such as furniture, lighting, and flooring, while the second is the control of the environment through integrated automation systems. The result is a unique lifestyle retail concept that presents arrangements of branded original designs and cutting edge electronic technology. 

ikonhouse is a destination for furniture and lighting vendors of original branded products. Most of the manufacturers promoted in the store have been in continuous business for more than a hundred years, perfecting their skills over time, and making their techniques evolve with new manufacturing technologies and new materials. ikonhouse has curated a collection that drives inspiration for both private homes and offices, all based on the belief that any product should be all about reliability, durability and things that last. 

Adopting a Customer-Centric Business Model with Odoo 

Like many companies, ikonhouse, began their business operating manually. They reverted to platforms such as Excel, to manage their CRM and meet their KPI's, however, not having an integrated software created an array of communication difficulties within the company. They ended up in situations where multiple sales people worked on the same leads, wasting valuable time and resources. Opportunities were being missed and the need to automate their internal processes similar to the products they were promoting was paramount. 

While researching for an innovative ERP system, their Belgium CEO and co-founder Dorian Pauwels had heard of the “new kid on the block” Odoo arising in the ERP market. Impressed by the features and the support available, ikonhouse became the first company in Dubai to implement Odoo into their business. 

Today, Odoo is everywhere within the ikonhouse network. Customization has been an important part of the success. As a business that sits both in the service sector (with their automations) and in trading (through the furniture and lighting offers), they needed to ensure Odoo could seamlessly work between both worlds.  

Another important exercise that ikonhouse worked with Odoo on, was the intricate work around inventory management. Many of their furniture items have an endless amount of variances and quantity of finishes they can have, which would include fabrics, colors and materials. All these are added into the eCommerce site and managed successfully through the Inventory App. With the majority of their brands located in Europe, Odoo allows the team to follow the items from their original manufacturing site, en route to the UAE, and when it’s finally docked at the Dubai port. This visibility was impossible before, now they can keep their customers informed every step of the way - augmenting the customer happiness two fold. 

From decentralized to centralized 

To ease communication, align tasks, and work with data efficiently, ikonhouse resorted to implementing Odoo’s suite of Apps. The company immediately recognized that all of its employees have become more productive and efficient in carrying out their daily tasks. Having everything in terms of quotations, invoices, addresses, as well as, a straight integration with CRM has allowed ikonhouse to be effective, efficient, and better equipped to answer customer questions and tend to their needs. The process helped them realize that they could handle a larger volume of business with the same number of staff.

ikonhouse came from a dark situation where all the information was decentralized, with duplications, which meant the data was not trustworthy, to now having all the team working on one database, sharing the reliable information across the board. Dorian was impressed to see the team learned so quickly to use the system, Odoo’s ease of use allowed for new joiners to quickly get up to speed.

Odoo brings the whole team together. Into one world. One platform. This is the most beautiful impact that the system has had.” Dorian Pauwels, CEO & co-founder


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