How SNF Oman saved time, money and resources with Odoo

Company Name: SNF
Country: Oman
Industry: Oil and Gas
Main App: Project, Timesheets, Employees, Time off, Expenses, Planning, Discuss, Studio.
Number of Odoo Users: 12
Odoo Customer Success Manager: Amir Mourad
Odoo Implementing Consultant: Shahd Abdullah, Ihsan Abu Al-Huda

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SNF Oman is a leading chemicals company specializing in water chemistry. Their markets are driven by the increasing scarcity of natural resources such as water, oil, gas, and minerals, and most of their product applications either treat and recycle water, or minimize water consumption. As a global leader in manufacturing water-soluble polymers, SNF has developed a range of more than 1,000 products that help to preserve natural resources, encourage recycling, and improve industrial process efficiencies.

SNF polymers have several complementary functionalities including flocculation, coagulation, rheology modification, and friction reduction. However, the company's HR and project management operations were being done manually, using pen and paper and excel sheets. This led to issues with centralizing data, poor communication between staff, and a lack of control over employee actions. In order to address these challenges, SNF Oman looked to Odoo to digitize their HR and project management processes, including employee expenses, planning, time sheets, project and task management, and employee leaves. The company decided to start with Expenses, Time Off, Planning, Invoicing, Projects, Timesheet, Planning, and Studio, and plan to add Accounting, Inventory, and Sales later on.

Recourse Planning:

Before Odoo, SNF Oman's resource planning was done manually with pen and paper, as well as through Excel spreadsheets. This created inefficiencies in communication within the organization, confusion in managing projects and employees effectively, and inconsistencies and a lack of accountability in employee plans.

With Odoo's Planning module, the company was able to digitize their resource planning operations, centralize data, and improve communication between staff. They designated a planning manager who had exclusive access to input and modify information in the Planning module. Other users could only view the information. The Planning manager advised senior management when a specific employee's plan was ready, and the plan underwent one level of approval by senior management.

Odoo's Planning module allowed the company to have a clear, consolidated planning overview of site and office employees, as well as visitors, third-party contractors, and visitors from Headquarters. The module also included common situations that may arise, such as an employee going on a business trip abroad or undergoing training.

Project Management:

SNF Oman's project management was previously done manually and through Excel spreadsheets, which limited access to information and created potential security vulnerabilities. With Odoo's Project Management application, access to the project module was limited to senior management, who had the ability to view and edit the information contained within it. This helped to ensure that sensitive project data was kept secure and that only authorized personnel were able to make changes to the project information.

Project Timesheets:

SNF Oman's Project timesheets were a critical component of salary computation, but they were previously done manually outside of Odoo. This made the process time-consuming and prone to errors. In addition, there was no option to set a spending limit or identify and label overtime and discrepancies.

Odoo's Project Timesheets module allowed the company to link time-off and timesheets, automatically reflecting an employee's public holidays and leaves on their timesheet schedule. The module also created a two-level approval hierarchy for timesheets, allowing for more accurate data and a more streamlined approval process. Additionally, several filters were created to allow the finance team to utilize them directly to determine the total time of a certain activity.

Expenses App:

SNF Oman's previous legacy system was Excel, which was not suitable for managing complex business processes, including an ERP system that could be difficult for everyone to comprehend at the start. The company also faced problems with inefficient document management processes and difficulties in keeping track of expenses and deductions.

With Odoo's Expenses App, the company was able to activate several currencies through invoicing to get automatic currency conversion on expenses, create a new expense menu with multiple fields to define limits for specific expense types and then automatically approve and/or reject an expense, and limit the visibility of multiple standard and/or customized fields from a group of employees using studio. Additionally, a customized printed expense report was created, which included both approvals as a validation.

Time Off:

Before Odoo, SNF Oman relied on emails and manual calculations for time off requests. This method of tracking time off requests was time-consuming, prone to errors, and not very efficient. The company also faced difficulties in tracking time off days, which could lead to issues with employee compensation and dissatisfaction.

With Odoo's Time Off module, SNF Oman was able to set up the different leave types, configure Access Rights, and set the level of approval for leave requests. The module also allowed the company to keep track of the number of leaves consumed by each employee on a monthly and/or annual basis. This improved compliance with Oman labor law, eliminated the need for manual calculations and emails, and provided a reliable system for tracking time off days.


SNF Oman faced numerous challenges in their HR and project management operations, which were being done manually using pen and paper or Excel. This led to difficulties in centralizing data, communicating between staff, and obtaining more control over employee actions. With Odoo's help, SNF Oman has been able to digitize its HR and project management processes, including Employees Expenses, Planning, Time Sheets, Projects, and Task Management. The company has started with Expenses, Time Off, Planning, Invoicing, Projects, Timesheet, Planning, and Studio, and will add Accounting, Inventory, and Sales later on.

Odoo has provided solutions for all the company's pain points, from inefficient email communication to lack of clear, consolidated planning overview, from manual calculation outside of Odoo to absence of foreign country rates, from inaccurate data to difficulties in budget management, and from time-consuming and prone to errors timesheet to tracking time off days.

With Odoo, SNF Oman can now manage their resources, plan their employees' schedules, approve employee plans, manage their various projects, approve and process expense requests, and keep track of employee leaves in a more centralized and efficient way. They have been able to improve their communication, obtain more control over employee actions, ensure accountability, and keep their sensitive business data and processes secure.

Odoo's customizable modules have enabled SNF Oman to tailor their HR and project management operations to their specific needs, which has saved them time, money, and resources. With Odoo's help, SNF Oman has been able to digitize their operations, which has helped them to become more efficient and effective in managing their business processes.

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