Hölzl Gravurtec Integrates their Production Process and Sales Workflow with Odoo

Country: Austria
Industry: Industrial Production
Apps Implemented: CRM, Purchase, Manufacturing, Sales, Inventory, Accounting
Number of Users: 5 Users
Implementation Time: 8 Weeks in Production + 32 Hours with a Consultant
Integrating Partner: IFE 

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Hölzl Gravurtec is a traditionally managed family company, which has existed for over a 100 years, and has earned its customers’ trust with innovation, professionalism and exceptional commitment. The company is managed by Angelika and Gerd Hölz, and it offers personalized laser engraving on any surface and material. The scope of the business extends from laser marking and industrial engraving, to the production of signs and stamps.  As a training company, Hölzl Gravurtec has already been awarded the prize, "Excellent Training Company", which is awarded annually by the Austrian Chamber of Commerce. The Hölzl team consists of 10 employees, 5 of whom actively work with Odoo. 




Why did Hölzl Gravurtec choose Odoo?

In April 2016, Hölzl Gravurtec’s system could follow all business transactions and therefore had been able to serve as a temporary ERP system. However, they soon realized that their system was not sufficient and they needed to replace it with a high-performance, but cost-effective management software. In the end their solution of choice was the Odoo ERP solution.

The goal with the implementation of Odoo was to get a management software that could integrate the sales workflow, as well as the production process in a clean and organized way. Additionally they needed a system that could take care of invoicing, following up on outstanding invoices and sending payment reminders accordingly.


Which needs were addressed with Odoo?

Hölzl Gravurtec has had an overall good experience with Odoo and the implementation done by IFE. They implemented, and are currently using the following applications; Odoo CRM, Purchase, Manufacturing, Sales, Inventory, and Accounting.

  • With Odoo Purchase the company can properly manage their suppliers. Each production component used for manufacturing, and material used for daily operations, can be linked to a specific supplier and prices. The reordering rules in Odoo Purchase see to it that crucial materials are always in stock at the right quantity level, as purchasing orders are automatically created with suppliers as soon as the stock drops below the desired levels.

  • One of the most important aspect of the implementation was Odoo Manufacturing and the depiction of the production workflow. As a manufacturing company, Hölzl Gravurtec, needed to be able to keep an overview of current and completed production orders at all times, and to monitor the use of machines.

  • For the sales process, Hölzl Gravurtec mainly relies on the offers and sales orders generated by Odoo Sales. Since many of the products are personalized according to each customer (e.g. labels with different names etc.), it’s possible to attach an individual offer/sales order, containing the name, image or logo to be engraved. This way customer orders do not get mixed up with the multitude of sales orders.

  • With Odoo Accounting and Odoo Invoicing the company can import bank statements into their system, and the outstanding payments can be matched with the payment receipts in the bank account. In case of any under- or overpayments, Odoo is very flexible and allows partial payments to be recorded, and in case of overpayments they’re treated as credit balances.

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What was the situation after implementing Odoo?

The installation and implementation of Odoo was handled by IFE GmbH in cooperation with Hucke Media GmbH & Co. KG in a single day. A few days later a consultant from IFE introduced Odoo to Hölzl Gravurtec with a 4-day training program. During this training, IFE and the CEOs, Angelika and Gerd Hölzl, also discussed the requirements for a module developed by IFE for post-production calculations. The module focuses on making sure that the production cost for products does not exceed the sales price. This module was developed after the Odoo training and made specifically to be integrate with Odoo. Two weeks after the Odoo training, the module was delivered on a test server.


About IFE - An Odoo Gold Partner

IFE was founded in 1990, with more than 25 years of IT experience, and they are a long-standing Odoo Gold Partner. They have more Odoo contracts than any other partner in Germany or worldwide. With more than 200 Odoo OpenErp projects in Germany and abroad, IFE has extensive experience in the field. In June 2014, IFE received an award from Odoo S.A., out of 600 partners, as the “Best Partner in Europe 2014”.


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