General October conquers problems with Odoo

Company Name: General October 

Country: Egypt

Industry: Industrial Trading

Implementing Partner: Mentors Integrated Solutions LTD.

Main Apps implemented: Inventory, Accounting, Purchase, Sales, Website, eCommerce, Invoicing.

Number of Odoo Users: 11

Odoo Customer Success Manager: Amr Sabry (AMSA)

The Star!

General October is a trading company established in 1998 as a distributor for low voltage switch gear/control gear components. Over the years, General October has steadily developed into a professionally managed company dedicated to providing quality standards in customer service and products.

General October is an authorized distributor for world-leading companies like Legrand, Schneider Electric, ABB, and Philips serving a broad client base including government departments, premium residential buildings, and luxurious shopping malls. General October has established solid and long-standing relationships with its customers through its impeccable product quality and exceptional service. Today General October has three showrooms across Egypt, a workshop, warehouse facilities, and a fully-fledged panel assembly division.

Past problems and future solutions with Odoo.

GO (General October) previously used local applications; each application handled different core functions: sales, inventory and accounting. All of them were segregated and had to be accessed individually to upload data and access the files later. Due to the localized applications, both uploading and accessing the data had to be done from a particular network on site, on specific computers. In retrospect, this doesn't seem like much of a hindrance until you consider when upper management needs to do their due diligence and when they need to access all files on the go. As the CEO usually travels, being limited to only accessing your files when you're on-site becomes a crippling effect on growth.

The New Arsenal 

Now with a fully integrated system of a healthy suite of applications, GO has been able to streamline its operation as well as maximize its productivity.

Sales & Inventory: Now, having an integrated system, they were able to track where their selling points were at the strongest and weakest with constant live updates on what stock was full and what stock needed replenishment. The sales teams are now moving at twice the speed of which they were. Automating replenishment rules to ensure that all stocks were always available allowed the sales team to virtually guarantee that anything they were providing was always available without having to go back on site to check what was in stock.

Accounting: With the business advancing at such a fast pace, managing a huge variety of products can become very messy. Previously using a separate software or application that was not connected with the sales cycle meant that each order had to be individually processed, tracked and stored. This dramatically increases the number of hours required to do simple bookkeeping. However, now since all the applications are integrated, every step of the selling cycle is reflected within the financial applications meaning that all orders have their tracking number and their financial footprint that allows the accounting department to track and monitor all the related data efficiently. 

The best for last.

When we asked Mr. Mina, CEO and Founder, how has Odoo impacted your business? he said: "Away from the costs, Odoo has helped us increase our sales by 40%, where if I didn't have Odoo, I'd have to add 16 new employees to do the job. Since Odoo we have multiplied our success by over 7 times due to its super user-friendly software."


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